My Story:

My Websites:

  • Launched last year, this site teaches bloggers how to get more traffic and readers. We only publish about one article a week, but it’s already up to 30,000 subscribers and climbing fast. Within the next year, I’m hoping it’ll become one of the top 100 blogs in the world.
  • The largest marketing blog in the world. I started writing there in 2008, eventually became the Associate Editor, and worked on a team that grew Copyblogger to around 3.5 million page views per month and millions of dollars in annual revenue. Officially, I’m still the Associate Editor, but these days, it’s more of an honorary title.
  • An online course I teach every month. In some ways, it’s like a distance education course you would take in college, except this isn’t through a university. I run the whole thing. Slowly, it’s become an extremely popular course, and I’m now training writers for many of the world’s top blogs.
  • My first software product. I’m in the process of launching it now, so depending on when you’re watching this, there may just be a video trailer on the homepage, or you might get to see the whole deal. Either way, feel free to take a look.

My Condition:

If you’d like to learn more about my condition, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, click this link to read a free booklet. You’ll notice most of the information is for parents and family of children with the disease, and that’s because children diagnosed with types 1 or 2 almost never live to become adults. I’m one of a handful in the world who have lived into my 30s. Thankfully, there’s no reason whatsoever the disease has to be fatal. As long as I take good care of myself, I can live just as long as anyone else.

A good example is Stephen Hawking. He has a similar disease, ALS, which normally kills people within a few months or years, but he’s managed to live decades and become the world’s most respected physicist, despite being only able to move his eyes and twitch his cheeks. If you’d like a picture of how my disease might eventually progress 10 years or more from now, feel free to Google Stephen or watch videos about him on YouTube.