The Pay

To start, the job pays $15-20 an hour, depending on experience, but this isn’t one of those jobs where your income is capped, and you’ll never earn more. If we work well together, and my business continues to grow, I’ll treat you very well. A year or two from now, if you’re as indispensable to me as I hope you’ll become, don’t be surprised if you’re earning $40,000 – $60,000 per year, or possibly even more.

The Hours

I’m currently hiring for three different shifts: daytime, evening, and weekend. The daytime shift is Monday through Friday, 8 AM until 4 PM. The evening shift is Monday through Friday, 4 PM until 12 AM. The weekend shift is Saturday and Sunday, 8 AM until 8 PM. Ideally, your schedule should also be flexible, so if you need to change shifts with another assistant every now and again, you can.

Vacation and Sick Days

Daytime and evening shifts will have 10 days of paid leave per year, and the weekend shift will have five days. You can use them as vacation or sick days, whichever you need. If you have an emergency, and you need additional days off, we can talk about it. In most cases, additional days will be unpaid, because I’ll have to pay another assistant to take over your hours, but it depends on the situation.

Health Insurance

Starting in January, 2014, my company will be happy to pay for a basic health insurance policy for you as an individual. You’ll pay for it yourself, probably through the new Florida insurance exchange, and then I’ll reimburse you for the cost. We’re also looking into a company-wide health insurance plan. If we open one, you’re welcome to participate.

Retirement Accounts

My company is in the process of starting 401(k) accounts for all of our employees. As an employee, you are welcome to contribute to your account, and after three years, we can also talk about the business making contributions into your account as well.


Within a year, I plan to choose one assistant to supervise the rest. Working with me, you’re also going to learn a lot about the publishing business, and you’re welcome to apply to open positions in other departments as they become available. As I said an introduction video, I’m hoping this will become a career for you, not just a job, so I’ll provide you as many opportunities for growth as possible.